IPTP Networks

IPTP Networks Netnod Reach partner
IPTP Networks is a global Tier 2 Internet Service Provider (AS41095), Systems Integrator and Software Development company. Operating a privately owned, redundant EoMPLS network it establishes secure connectivity across Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

IPTP Networks is a One-Stop-IT-Shop, and provides custom-designed solutions. For more than 20 years we had helped over three thousand corporate clients around the world to streamline their business, lower costs, expand and secure nfrastructure and stay ahead of the competition. Cooperating with close to a 1000 peering partners, with access to all the major Internet Exchanges, the company offers its services in 51 hosting data centers and 132 data centers ON-NET, covering 22 countries and 42 cities worldwide.


Email: nl@iptp.net
Website: www.iptp.net

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