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Open joint stock company Moscow Telecommunication Corporation – (COMCOR – trademark “AKADO Telecom”) is one of the largest operators of the multiservice communication network in the Moscow region.

Comcor provides solutions of any configuration and complexity to meet the telecommunications needs of all businesses and telecom operators. "AKADO Telecom" offers a variety of modern communication services through its own fiber-optical network, which is more than 20 500 km. The basic service "AKADO Telecom" is high-speed Internet access and access to the fixed telephone network on the B2B and B2C markets, providing domestic and international circuits, organization of virtual corporate networks, information security services, Data-Center services such as colocations and cloud services, and TV broadcasting as well. Since 2008 COMCOR has been working under the trademark “AKADO Telecom” and is the part of a group of Companies “AKADO”.



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