18 Jun 19

Netnod launches new route server platform

Netnod has launched a new route server platform at the Netnod Stockholm and Copenhagen IXes. The new platform provides some significant new features including: support for RPKI, enabling of all standard BGP communities, and a publicly available looking glass.

Adding RPKI on the route server helps to ensure secure routing and prevent BGP hijacking. Netnod customers peering with the route server should ensure they have signed their prefixes with RPKI and that their AS-SETs are up-to-date. This is important because the route servers will reject Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) marked as ‘INVALID’. ROAs marked as ‘VALID’ will be accepted, while those marked as ‘UNKNOWN' will be checked in the customer AS-SET.

The new platform provides a looking glass making it much easier to search for an AS number, peer or a specific IP prefix. This enables customers to investigate possible route discrepancies and validate their setup while giving useful insight to potential new peers looking to join the IX.  

More details about the new route server platform are available at: