Usage policy

This page summarises the usage and connection policy at the Netnod Internet Exchange.
  • Netnod is open to any Network that operates a public ASN (Autonomous System Number) and has an allocation of IPv4 or IPv6 space.
  • Peering relationships between members themselves aren’t regulated by Netnod. Every member is responsible for arranging peering agreements with other members.
  • Netnod provides a route server service on each VLAN to help members find new peers and increase their connectivity.
  • IPv4/IPv6 address space assigned to Netnod members shall not be advertised to other networks. Peers shall not use another IP subnet over Netnod peering VLANs.
  • No other devices than the necessary BGP capable device shall be connected to Netnod.
  • Connected devices must only use IP addresses and netmasks (prefix lengths) assigned to them by Netnod.
  • Frames sent over Netnod must have one of the following ethertypes: 0x8809 (LACP), 0x0800 (IPv4), 0x86dd (IPv6), 0x0806 (ARP).
  • Frames sent over Netnod shall be addressed to a unicast MAC destination address except for broadcast ICMPv6 ND, LACP and ARP.
  • All frames forwarded to Netnod shall have the same source MAC address on a specific VLAN.