Time and Frequency

What is White Rabbit and why does it matter for high accuracy time services?
Johanna Eriksson2021.04.06
Initially developed by CERN, White Rabbit is at the cutting edge of high accuracy time systems. To find out more about how it works and why such high accuracy is important, I talked with Ragge Sundblad, who has been working on the preliminary study of White Rabbit at Netnod.
Summer reading - Netnod Q1 and Q2 roundup
Johanna Eriksson2020.07.06
Whether you will be getting away from the house or enjoying a staycation, we hope you enjoy this selection of Netnod blogposts from the first half of the year. So far in 2020, we have published blog articles covering IX developments and peering tips, best practice for DNS services, IPv6 deployment in Sweden, and how to ensure accurate and secure time services. 
How do you know what time it is?
Patrik "paf" Fältström2020.04.17
At Netnod we are really interested in time. We provide one of the first Network Time Protocol (NTP) services to be enabled with Network Time Security (NTS). We also provide Precision Time Protocol (PTP) services for organisations that need to ensure the highest level of time accuracy.
What is Network Time Security and why is it important?
Michael Cardell Widerkrantz, MC2019.09.30
A lot of the Internet’s most important security tools are dependent on accurate time. In this blogpost, MC Widerkrantz explains why the time you are getting might not be as secure as you think and how recent developments in Network Time Security can help.
Summer reading
Johanna Eriksson2019.07.04
Whether you will be taking your holiday reading on a sun lounger, a beach or a plane, we hope you enjoy this selection of Netnod articles from the first half of the year. 

Patrik "paf" Fältström2019.05.21
Providing traceable time to the highest levels of accuracy is essential for industries ranging from telecommunications and the energy sector to financial and trading services. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) services provide traceable time over a dedicated fibre which enables organisations to time stamp to the highest degree of accuracy.