Netnod blogg - State of the Internet in Sweden 2020-03-17 16:00
Patrik "paf" Fältström2020.03.17
This blog post is the first in a series where we try to assess the health of the Swedish Internet during this crisis. We aim to mitigate the generation of fake news and rumors. This is the information we at Netnod currently know about.
How to get the most out of your IX port
Tobias Jansson2020.02.14
As the Interconnection Relations Manager at Netnod, I spend a lot of time looking for the best peering strategies for a range of customers. In this blogpost, I want to summarise my seven top tips for getting started with better peering. These are the steps you should follow to make sure you are peering effectively and getting the most from your Internet Exchange (IX) port.
400GE Netnod IX
Mattias Karlsson2020.01.24
In November 2019, Netnod deployed 400GE ports at the Netnod IXes in Stockholm and Copenhagen. This made Netnod the first Internet Exchange (IX) in the world to have deployed 400GE ports at multiple IX locations. In this blogpost we will look at the drivers behind 400GE, the benefits for customers, and some of the technical considerations.
Netnod TRansport
Tobias Jansson2019.11.14
In today’s connectivity landscape, flexibility, scalability and increased capacity are key. In this blogpost, Tobias Jansson, Interconnection Relations Manager at Netnod, examines the latest technology used to interconnect data centres. He looks at the opportunities opened up by this technology and the variety of industry segments who benefit. 
Christian Lindholm2019.04.25
Netnod’s new VLAN service will make your port more powerful. If you have a port at one Netnod IX, our new VLAN service will connect you to any other Netnod IX and enable you to start peering immediately. With no extra cross-connection or equipment needed, you will be able to peer throughout the region at a fraction of the previous cost.