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Portlane is a Swedish ISP with a strong focus on the Nordic market. Founded in 2009, Portlane quickly grew to become a leading player in the Nordic scene, providing services such as IP-Transit, EoMPLS, WDM and Colocation.

Portlane has a vast network covering Northern Europe, as well as state-of-the-art datacenters on both the east and west coast of Sweden. Portlane's infrastructure underpins a wide range of critical services, and meets the needs of all types of businesses looking to deliver first-class, reliable services to the Nordic market.

With a redundant dark fiber network covering the majority of commercial datacenters and PoP's in the Stockholm area, Portlane has emerged as a preferred local partner for reliable WDM connectivity, trusted by some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.


Website: www.portlane.com
Email: sales@portlane.com
Phone: +46 841200700

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