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8 Apr 2019
The Netnod Tech Meeting 2019 was held on 10 October 2019 at the Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm in Sweden. More than 190 attendees saw 12 presentations across a range of topics.

The meeting began with LM Jogbäck (CEO, Netnod) who welcomed attendees and gave an update from Netnod. In summary, LM announced that:
- 400G ports will be available at Netnod IXes in Stockholm and Copenhagen from November 2019

- Netnod has reduced 100G prices by 25%, removed setup fees from the Stockholm IX and introduced subrates enabling easy upgrades

- Netnod will be the next IX to implement the IX API, a common interface for provisioning key services at multiple Internet Exchanges

- Netnod’s WDM Transport and Metro Access services now provide point-to-point transport at a price less expensive than fibre

In a packed agenda, presentation topics included: cybersecurity, hyper speed transceivers, cross domain automation, peering economics, EU digital strategy, and streaming telemetry. The meeting closed with a fascinating talk on AI which provoked lively discussion.The full agenda, with links to the slides for each presentation, can be found at:

Netnod would like to thank the meeting sponsors: ADVA Optical Networking and Flexoptix.

The next Netnod meeting will be held 25-26 March 2020. More details will be available from:
If you have a suggestion for a presentation topic, or are interested in the range of sponsorship opportunities available, please contact
25 Feb 2021
Dear customers and friends!

That wraps up our first Netnod Virtual Meeting! Thank you for attending and a big THANK YOU to our presenters. All recorded presentations will soon be available on our youtube channel. Follow the link (in menu)

See you in October!

Best regards,
The Netnod Team

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