The Netnod team will attend the DKNOG14 in Copenhagen!

Date: 07-08 March 2024

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Book a meeting with any of the attending Netnod team members during the DKNOG14. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Mattias Ahnberg

Head of Architecture and Development

Mattias "Ahnberg" Ahnberg joined Netnod in January 2018. Prior to Netnod, he worked in the leadership team for Spotify IT where he focused his efforts on running the team responsible for the global deployment of Spotify’s internal networks and office infrastructure. 
Ahnberg has over 20 years experience in the technology and Internet industry where he has gained a deep technical knowledge of architecting, building and operating Unix-like systems as well as networking and security in large-scale complex environments. On top of the technical foundation, Ahnberg is passionate about change and working with improvements to help create high-performing functional teams as well as helping teams and individuals grow.

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Emil Palm

Emil Palm

Network Engineer

Emil Palm joined Netnod in December 2018. Prior to Netnod he worked at Comhem, where he wrote a BGP Flowspec implementation for DDoS mitigation, and at Blocket, where he rewrote the Blocket iOS application. He has 12 years of experience in the industry and has developed a focus on promoting the role of automation in network deployment. 

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Mattias Karlsson

Head of Engineering

Mattias “Matte” Karlsson joined Netnod in 2016 as a Senior Network Architect. Before Mattias started at Netnod he worked over 15 years at Telenor/Bredbandsbolaget as a Senior Network Architect.

Mattias has participated in many large design and development projects in Sweden and on an international basis. As well as participating in many Telenor Group projects covering group strategy and architecture.

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Siri Brenden

Marketing Manager

Siri joined Netnod in March 2015 as a member of the marketing team. Siri has a degree in Business Administration and has extensive experience in marketing, events, strategic planning, branding, campaigns and creating marketing materials etc.

Siri has worked in a variety of other industries in sales and marketing roles. During the course of her career, she has developed a good knowledge of customer service, analytical skills, project management and an eye for detail. 

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Baziyan “Basse” Safari

Baziyan “Basse” Safari

Interconnection Relations Manager

Basse joined Netnod in December 2020. Prior to joining Netnod, Basse worked in sales and account management roles at Cygate, GleSYS and Baffin Bay Networks. With his work at Pro Optix, he developed relationships with many of the networks interconnecting in the Nordics.  At Netnod his focus is on interconnection customers present in Sweden and Netnod’s IX Reach product.

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