18 May 17

Netrouting is now present at Netnod

Netrouting (AS47869) is now present at Netnod in Stockholm

Netrouting is a leading provider in high quality web, virtual, colocated- and dedicated hosting services. Our customer base comprise of CDN suppliers, corporate entities, bloggers, streamers and ISPs. For more information, please go to https://www.netrouting.com/.

Netrouting has an open peering policy. If you would like to peer with Netrouting, please send your peering request to peering@netrouting.com.

All networks connected to the Netnod IX can be found at http://www.netnod.se/ix/networks.
Netnod IX networks announcements can be found at http://www.netnod.se/category/ix-network-announcement.

Welcome Netrouting!
The Netnod Team