17 May 17

Internet 2 Business is now present at Netnod

Internet 2 Business (AS50989) is now present at Netnod in Stockholm

Internet 2 Business, also known as I2B, provides costumised communication solutions for companies and organisations with focus on the newest technology. For more information, please go to https://i2b.se/index.html.

Internet 2 Business has an open peering policy. If you would like to peer with Internet 2 Business, please send your peering request to peering@i2b.se.

All networks connected to the Netnod IX can be found at http://www.netnod.se/ix/networks.
Netnod IX networks announcements can be found at http://www.netnod.se/category/ix-network-announcement.

Welcome Internet 2 Business !
The Netnod Team