Host an I-root

Distributed across the world, responds to several hundred million DNS queries a day. To further improve the robustness and availability of the I-root service, Netnod continuously expands the I-root anycast network.

Application to host an I-root node

Before filling out this form, please make sure you have read the list of site requirements available here


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1. Host information
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3. Requirements checklist, Are you willing to provide:
3.1 Connection to an Internet Exchange. See also section 4*
3.2 Colocation for a physical server*
3.3 Admin connectivity for management of server (including IPv4/IPv6 address space)*
3.4 Funds for hardware*
4. IX connectivity (skip section 4 if you answered “No” to question 3.1 above)
4.5 What connection speed/interface do you propose to connect to the IX? (10GE preferred)
4.6 Can you connect to the IX via single-mode fibre?
5. Admin connectivity
5.1 Are you able to provide admin connectivity for the site?*
5.5 The minimum address requirement for admin connectivity is 2 x IPv4 and 2 x IPv6 addresses that can be accessed remotely. Can you provide this?
5.6 The minimum address requirement for admin connectivity is /64 IPv6. Can you provide this?
6. Deployment and maintenance
6.1 Can you provide 1 RU rack space for colocation?*
Questions Yes No Yes can provide and will cover the cost
7. Political/Regulatory considerations
8. Other
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