DNSNODE Technical information

Netnod’s DNSNODE service is easy to integrate into your DNS infrastructure. The service is designed to complement your existing setup and provides the most effective way to ensure world-class DNS service to your users and customers.


  • One of the largest DNS anycast constellations on the Internet (80+ nodes across 6 continents)  

Technical architecture and connectivity

  • State-of-the-art technical architecture and track record of 100% uptime 
  • Multiple anycast clouds 
  • Global load balancing ensures low latency  
  • Worldwide peering with many Tier-1 networks and dozens of transit providers
  • Thousands of peering sessions with vast numbers of edge providers 

Zone updates and transfers 

  • IXFR-based distribution infrastructure with zone update propagation in a matter of seconds
  • TSIG authentication for all zone transfers to ensure complete data integrity.

Customer portal

  • APIs for automatic provisioning and monitoring of zones
  • Tools for verification of SOA serial values
  • For ccTLD and gTLD zones statistics are provided in DSC format from all anycast sites. DSC data is available via a custom API for easy integration into your monitoring system. Use our tools or easily build your own customised panels and reports

Technical support 

  • Netnod help desk/NOC provides 24x7 technical support

Security and standards compliance 

  • DNSNODE service is fully compliant with all relevant standards and best current practices
  • DNSSEC and IPv6 are fully supported
  • Full compliance with all EU data directives and privacy regulations
  • Netnod’s expert staff are deeply involved in the IETF’s standards development process, particularly in DNS and Network Time Security (NTS)

DDoS mitigation  

  • Industry-leading anycast platform designed for diversity and resilience against DDoS attack
  • 24x7 monitoring and management by our expert staff ensures timely response and mitigation of DDoS attacks
  • Track record of 100% service availability during our entire existence