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we keep our stuff in bunkers.)

Netnod operates the largest IX in the Nordics and provides interconnection throughout the region

Names are your business. So when it comes to your DNS service, you need a name you can trust. Netnod is one of the most experienced, trusted and respected providers of DNS anycasting.

During 2015, Netnod worked with the PTS and the SP National Laboratory to develop the infrastructure for a more robust, nationwide time distribution service.

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Uptime Since 2002

11 Jun 2021
Netnod has responded to the report on increased resilience  (Ökad motståndskraft - SOU 2021:25).
Netnod believes that the creation of a specific sector for electronic communication and post is a good thing, and this does not have to overlap with the creation of a specific area for cybersecurity.
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This is the most cost-effective solution for point-to-point interconnections across the Nordics.

You make network magic. We connect the dots.

Time and Frequency
Netnod’s Network Time Security (NTS) service is one of the first NTS-enabled time services in the world. This page gives a brief introduction to NTS, its benefits, and how to set it up on your devices.
What is White Rabbit and why does it matter for high accuracy time services?
Johanna Eriksson2021.04.06
Initially developed by CERN, White Rabbit is at the cutting edge of high accuracy time systems. To find out more about how it works and why such high accuracy is important, I talked with Ragge Sundblad, who has been working on the preliminary study of White Rabbit at Netnod.
What are root name servers?