IX services

Netnod is the largest Internet exchange point (IXP) in the Nordics. It is also one of the oldest IXPs in Europe. Netnod is a non-profit, neutral and independent operator of exchange points in five different cities in Sweden and Denmark. Netnod operates IXPs in Stockholm, Copenhagen-Malmö (COMIX)Gothenburg, Sundsvall and Luleå. The Netnod IXPs are a layer 2 service, built on Gigabit Ethernet (GE) technology. 

Netnod offers connections as either 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps Ethernet. The IXPs in the different cities are not interconnected. 

Why connect to Netnod IX?

Netnod IX enables traffic exchange between Internet operators through its robust and reliable IXP infrastructure. By exchanging traffic directly between themselves at the IXP, operators can reduce cost as well as improve speed, latency, and redundancy in their interconnections. It also gives the operator better control of their routing. 

For a full list of all the networks that peer at Netnod, have a look at the Netnod customer list.

How to connect to Netnod

Connecting to Netnod is easy! Simply send in two copies of the standard contract and we'll start the connection process. Want to know the step-by-step procedure? It's all outlined in the joining procedure. Or send us a mail and we'll help you!

Netnod Reach

Not sure about your traffic levels? The Netnod Reach partner program is a cost-effective, simple one-stop shop for remote peering. Read more about Netnod Reach here.

How to upgrade a connection

If you are currently present at Netnod, and wish to upgrade your connection, simply complete and sign two copies of the standard contract and send to Netnod. In the contract, specify what type of connection you want, as well as that you are cancelling previous connections.

Peer at Netnod

All new networks connecting to the exchange, get announced with relevant contact details on the Netnod IX mailing list, which is a closed customer-only list so that interested peers can get in contact. We also recommend all networks at the Netnod IX to register their information in Peeringdb.

Redundancy at Netnod Stockholm IXP

When connecting to Netnod's IXP in Stockholm, you will get two separate redundant connections. Why is this? Read more about redundancy at Netnod here.

Want to know more about what an IXP is?

Check out this film by the Euro-IX, explaining what an Internet exchange point is!