Netnod manages I-root (i.root-servers.net), one of the 13 logical Internet DNS root name servers. 

I-root was the first DNS root server to be established outside the USA. (Today there are also DNS root servers operating from Amsterdam and Tokyo.) It has changed configurations a number of times during the years from its humble beginnings as a Sun 3/60 with 4MB RAM.

To further improve robustness and availability of this service, Netnod is continuously deploying instances of i.root-servers.net in locations all over the world. Therefore "I" is since long now, not only available from the site in Stockholm, Sweden, but also 55+ locations around the world.

Today, Netnod manages a robust constellation of servers around the globe, and is committed to further expand the I-root server footprint in coming years. While we maintain complete administrative control over each site, we are happy to accept offers of hosting a site in a new location.

The query load for the root name service varies over time and also differs between sites, but on a typical day i.root-servers.net will respond to several hundred million DNS queries from all over the Internet.

Joint root server statement to ICANN

In 2009, Netnod / Autonomica issued a joint statement to ICANN together with other root server operator. This letter can be found here.

The response from Paul Twomey, CEO of ICANN at the time, confirming the mutual commitment of coordinating respective activities related to the operations of the root servers, can be found here

Don't know what a root server is?

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You can also read these excellent guides on the root server system: 

For more information on the DNS root system, see:
BCP 40 (RFC2870) - Operational guidelines for Root Name Servers.

Root server maps

A map of all i.root-servers.net sites around the world can be found on the Netnod home page.

On www.root-servers.org you will find a list of all the root server operators and all the root server instances around the world.

If you are interested in supporting the deployment of a new i.root-servers.net instance, please contact us at: info@netnod.se