02 May 19

One year free connection to Netnod IX Luleå

Netnod Luleå
Netnod and IT Norrbotten are offering a one year FREE connection to Netnod IX Luleå, the place where the Nordic’s northern networks meet.

Netnod in partnership with IT Norrbotten is pleased to offer new networks connecting to IX Luleå a one year free connection with no setup fee. The offer is available for contracts signed before the end of 2019, and is offered for connection speeds at 10GE.

Connecting to the Netnod IX in Luleå offers a range of benefits including:

  • Improved speed and performance
  • Cost-effective connections
  • Remote IX service to any other Netnod IX that bring peering opportunities with some of the largest ISPs, telcos and CDNs in the world

More information about this special offer is available here